Fitness: Get Yourself an Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are versatile tools for your workout, and I’m convinced that everyone should have one. Here’s a list of 40 exercises you can do with it.

While the exercise is ideal for exercising (imagine that!), I also use it as my desk chair. Since I spend so much time at the computer, my back is often aching from poor posture. Sitting on the exercise ball forces you to maintain an upright posture while strengthening your core; so, it’s like getting a mini workout while you’re working!

Try it out and let us know what you think. If you have a favorite exercise with the ball, share it in the comments below!

Exercise Ball

Exercise Ball

This article from Lifescript describes a great back exercise using your exercise ball:

An exercise ball, or Swiss ball, is a fitness must-have. Developed in 1963 by an Italian plastics manufacturer, this big squishy ball allows you to work a variety of muscles – and from the comfort of your own home if you so desire. Stabilizing your body on a Swiss ball not only improves your balance, it also seriously strengthens two hard-to-work parts: abs and back muscles. 

I like to hyperextend on my Swiss ball to shape my lower back muscles. Today, let’s break in that long-forgotten exercise ball with this breezy hyperextension exercise.
Step 1: Lie facedown on the ball with your hips supported and your hands behind your head. Bend at the waist.

Step 2:
 Breathe slowly and rhythmically as you lift your upper body through a count of 10 seconds, using your lower back.

Step 3:
 Hold for 2 seconds at the maximum tension point. Return to the starting point through a count of 10 seconds.

Step 4:
 Repeat three times without resting.