Health: Your Daily Fit Tip – A Reason to Love Your Pear Shape

A Reason to Love Your Pear Shape


By Jorge Cruise

Published  February 03, 2014
You may not be able to compare apples to oranges, but there’s a good reason to compare apples to pears. Genetically speaking, those are the two predominant body types. If you tend to put on extra weight in your abdomen, you’re what’s known as an apple shape. If you gain fat in your lower body – especially the hips and thighs – you’re a pear shape.
Women tend to be genetically predisposed to the pear shape, a fact that many resent. Though you may have come to despise the fat on your hips and thighs, you actually have a major advantage over people who store extra fat in their bellies. Research has shown that abdominal fat – not hip and thigh fat – is particularly dangerous to your health and can increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes
But there is also good news if you’re an apple shape: Regular exercise and a balanced diet can help you lose weight all over your body and reduce your risk of these diseases.