Daily Fit Tip: Your Weight Loss Solution: Involve Your Significant Other


Your Weight Loss Solution: Involve Your Significant Other


                                                                                         James Beckerman, M.D.

                              Published  February 06, 2014
                                        You may have talked to your doctor, a nutritionist or personal trainer, but you may not have considered the role that your partner can play in helping you lose weight. When someone in your life takes an active interest in your diet or health, it can make a huge difference in reaching your goals.
Get your significant other actively involved. That is what partners are supposed to do – support each other. There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting down to a bowl of fruit when the person on the other side of the breakfast table is slathering butter on a slice of bacon and asks you to pass the half-and-half. Arguably, your weight-loss benefits your partner, regardless of whether you are doing it to look better in your skivvies or to get off of your blood pressure medication. You both win if you get healthy – and he or she may actually get healthier too.
A study published in the International Journal of Obesity found that spouses of dieters lose weight consistently even without meaning to. In fact, several studies show weight loss of at least 5 pounds without the person’s consciously being on a diet. The more frequently couples eat meals together, the more weight they lose too.
So have a serious conversation with your significant other today. Frame the discussion around your goals and how you believe that you can reach them together. Share your solutions and your plan, and get him or her on board. If you really want a commitment, get it on paper and sign a contract – it’s time to renew those vows.
Always look up! Jamie