DAILY FIT TIP: Improve Productivity With an Ergonomic Office

Improve Productivity With an Ergonomic Office


By The Lifescript Editorial Staff

Published  February 11, 2014
                                        Ergonomics are devices designed to put the body in the most correct position while at work, rest and even play, and they’ve been around for quite some time.   The pad your wrist rests on as you type, gel-like grip on your pens for ease of writing and lumbar pillow behind your lower back at your desk or in your car  are all ergonomic devices. And like all good inventions, new ergonomic gadgets are always on the rise.
The latest in office ergonomics is electronically height-adjustable desks, which allow workers to stand up periodically without having to discontinue their work. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked with weight gain, poor posture and back problems, and studies now show that it’s also linked to reduced productivity.
According to studies, standing for just 20% of the day can improve productivity and reduce body aches by 20%. Sound too wacky for you? Think again – four out of five workers in the study preferred the adjustable desks.