Daily Diet/Health Inspiration: Just Say NO!

Just Say NO!

Daily Inspiration

John H. Sklare, Ed.D
Published March 20, 2006

Say NO to Fast Food!

Say NO to Fast Food!

One of the most difficult challenges, for those working on healthy living, is saying NO when others offer unhealthy food. If you find yourself always giving in to these temptations, perhaps it’s time for you to learn how to say NO. For those seeking healthier lifestyles, developing effective “refusal skills” is a must. Perhaps all you need, as the motto to the boy scouts states, is to be prepared. So here’s your assignment:

Write out a list of statements that you can use to say NO to food. Be as creative as you can. See how many statements you can come up with that allow you to take control of these situations by saying NO. After you have written as many as you can, pick out the five you like the best. Next, I want you to go to a mirror and practice saying them everyday. Practice them as if you are an actor rehearsing for a play – with conviction and confidence.

This will do two things for you. First, it will prepare you for these high-pressure situations in advance, and there is no greater advantage than being prepared. And second, you will be reinforcing these positive thoughts on a daily basis as you practice your refusal statements in the mirror. This will provide a structured method of allowing these empowering statements to become an integral part of your everyday thinking.