The latest Diet Tip from Dr. Oz…..Isn’t he everywhere????

The latest Diet Tip from Dr. Oz…..

As always, while reading through numerous home related, personal care and health and nutrition articles and magazines, I trpped across mention of Green Coffee Bean extract. Yet another “You don’t have to do anything except take these little pills…”  Diet tip and story. Imagine my surprise when I received a copy of this URL from a friend very into fitness and health.

Apparently, Green coffee beans, prior to roasting have properties that help you lose fat and weight. Dr. Oz introduced this product and had a Health and Nutrition expert talk about the properties and results of these green coffee bean capsules.  See for yourself!

Call me a skeptic, but I have a hard time believing that just taking a pill can help you lose “amazing amounts of weight, with no jitteriness and tons of energy!”  If anyone tries these beans, I would be interested in hearing about your results!