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Diet: Foods to Ban From the House

If you can’t control your temptations, at least get them out of the house. Knowing that you have to drive 20 minutes to the store to kill your craving for a bag of… Continue reading

Recipe: 10 Low-Sodium Soups and Stews

Soup is one of my favorite foods. If you ask me, it really is good for the soul. As it gets chillier outside this fall, I’ve been craving it to warm me up… Continue reading

Recipe: 10 Super Breakfasts

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Eating a good meal in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism, prevents you from binge-eating due to hunger later in the day, and keeps… Continue reading

Diet and Recipe: Mind Your Muffins! Try This Low-Calorie Date and Oat Muffin Instead

Lifescript’s wise words on the surprisingly unhealthy breakfast food: There’s nothing quite like a warm, “fresh out of the oven” muffin. But if you’re regularly picking up baked goods for breakfast, it’s time… Continue reading

Diet and Fitness: The Best Advice I Can Give You

This morning I read this article from Lifescript, titled, “Why Isn’t the Weight Coming Off?”: You’ve gone to the gym regularly for the past month and have been watching what you eat. You’ve… Continue reading

Recipe: 10 Tasty Chicken Recipes

Poultry is much healthier than red meat, but I know I can get sick of it pretty quickly. These recipes will make sure your chicken is never boring or bland again! Simple Roast… Continue reading

Diet: Treats, Not Tricks – 5 Healthy Halloween Sweets

Happy Halloween, everyone! Oh, how tempting is all of that candy today? Enjoy these sweet treats instead and save your waistline: Bubble gum. It’s sweet, chewy and fun to eat, and at only… Continue reading

Fitness: 5 Benefits of Morning Exercise

While I can’t speak for everyone else here at Concierge Services, I know that I am two things: a night owl and a couch potato. But, since I’ve been dieting and getting healthier,… Continue reading

Recipe: Black Bean-Smothered Sweet Potatoes

This recipe from Lifescript‘s 10 Dinners in 20 Minutes is making my mouth water. It’s healthy and it’s fast? I’m sold. Description: For a quick and satisfying last-minute supper, it’s hard to beat a… Continue reading

Foolproof Workout Motivation

There will always be someone busier than you who is on a treadmill right now. – Kathy Kaheler, celebrity fitness trainer