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Fitness: Don’t Be a Pain in the Back

Don’t Be a Pain in the Back YOUR DAILY FIT TIP By Jennifer Gruenemay, ACE-Certified, Special to Lifescript You may consider it the fate of growing older, but you don’t have to suffer… Continue reading

Fitness: Frequent Workouts Are More Effective

Frequent Workouts Are More Effective YOUR DAILY FIT TIP By Jennifer Gruenemay, ACE-Certified, Special to Lifescript When it comes to losing weight, it may not be how many calories you burn in a… Continue reading

Diet: Are “Thrifty” Genes Sabotaging Your Metabolism?

Are ‘Thrifty’ Genes Sabotaging Your Metabolism? YOUR DAILY FIT TIP By Jorge Cruise, Lifescript.com Being frugal can be a good thing. But when it comes to the genes that determine your metabolic rate,… Continue reading

Fitness: Why Stress Makes Us Fat

Why Stress Makes Us Fat YOUR DAILY FIT TIP By Jorge Cruise, Lifescript.com Stress is often to blame for weight gain. And it’s not the resulting emotional eating that’s the problem. When you… Continue reading

Fitness: Tone Your Tummy

Belly fat is stubborn! It just doesn’t want to leave. This exercise from Lifescript allows you to target all of your tummy muscles for faster results: Bicycle enthusiasts are sure to love today’s… Continue reading

Diet: Say “Aloha” to a Great Body

It turns out there’s a reason for those beach bodies: Hawaiians enjoy warm sunshine, close proximity to the beach and lush, tropical scenery. As if that’s not reason enough to envy them, they… Continue reading

Health: Tips for a Healthier Brain

We’re women. We’re always looking for ways to look younger, but it’s even more important to feel younger. Keeping your body and mind healthy will help you feel better in your day-to-day life… Continue reading

Fitness: Exercise in the Morning

This is a perfect reminder for me! Despite the gorgeous weather this fall, I never manage to get out and exercise between working and running errands. I’m bummed to waste such a beautiful season cooped… Continue reading

Fitness: Stressed? Depressed? Get Active

Exercise isn’t just good for your body; it’s also good for your mind. When you work out regularly, you’re less likely to suffer from stress, depression and anxiety. In turn, that makes you… Continue reading

Diet and Fitness: The Best Advice I Can Give You

This morning I read this article from Lifescript, titled, “Why Isn’t the Weight Coming Off?”: You’ve gone to the gym regularly for the past month and have been watching what you eat. You’ve… Continue reading

Fitness: Get Yourself an Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are versatile tools for your workout, and I’m convinced that everyone should have one. Here’s a list of 40 exercises you can do with it. While the exercise is ideal for… Continue reading

Fitness: Exercise During Commercials

Did you know that Americans watch almost three hours of television per day on average, accounting for half of all leisure time? I know I’m definitely a big fan; I have many (probably… Continue reading

Fitness: Here’s the Best Thing You’ll Hear All Day

Researchers say that drinking a glass of low-fat chocolate milk after your workout is the best for muscle recovery. With the right blend of carbohydrates and protein, it far outdoes electrolyte-replenishing drinks like… Continue reading

Fitness: 10 Tummy Flattening Tricks

The first place I gain weight is right in the gut–the ol’ spare tire. The stomach area is the most common place that Americans gain weight. So, when you’re setting up an exercise… Continue reading

Health: Diet vs. Exercise – What’s more important?

Fitness is important, but pay attention to your diet too. What you eat is 80% of your health, so try to eat no more than 15 grams of sugar and 6 servings of carbs a… Continue reading

Fitness: 5 Benefits of Morning Exercise

While I can’t speak for everyone else here at Concierge Services, I know that I am two things: a night owl and a couch potato. But, since I’ve been dieting and getting healthier,… Continue reading

Fitness: Don’t Neglect Your Shoulders

I always struggle with that frustrating “back fat” that seems impossible to get rid of… sounds like I’ll be giving this a try! I’ve never heard a woman complain about having fat shoulders.… Continue reading

Foolproof Workout Motivation

There will always be someone busier than you who is on a treadmill right now. – Kathy Kaheler, celebrity fitness trainer