Exercise Equipment Essentials – Easier than you think

Exercise Equipment Essentials
By Jorge Cruise
Published March 01, 2014

Work Out Equipment  at Home

Work Out Equipment at Home

Think you need piles of fancy equipment to whip your body into the best shape of your life? Truth is, you only need minimal equipment. You can begin many workouts with just a Swiss ball, mat and set of dumbbells. And if you don’t have these items and still want to start exercising today, well, believe it or not, you can!

All you need is a chair (instead of a Swiss ball) and a towel (instead of a mat) – things you can find right in your own home. You create all the resistance you need with your own body weight. But if you really want a challenge, grab a couple of soup cans or bottles of water – they make great dumbbells.

Now that you know how to be resourceful, what excuses do you have left not to work out? Whether you’re traveling or in your office at work, you can break a sweat and pump some iron … or at least some aluminum.